Download PBR textures: wood, chipboard, plywood, planks, other

Download seamless wood textures is one of the most popular requests on the Internet from designers, 3D artists, game developers and other related professions. This section contains PBR texture maps of wood surfaces such as old and new wood of different species (oak, pine, ash, maple, walnut, etc.), chipboard (chipboard, fiberboard, OSB), plywood, wooden slats, boards, veneer, logs, varnished and polished wood and much, much more. Similar images of wood are widely used in 2D design and illustration, three-dimensional renderings of interiors and other architectural projects, as well as in the imitation of the wooden parts in the filling of game worlds. By downloading different wood texture maps for free on our site you can load them into such programs as Photoshop, Blender, 3ds Max, Unity, Unreal Engine and others.

As a rule, in the archive you will find a set of rectangular textures for creating realistic PBR material (such as diffuse, normal map, specular and other necessary). The file format and resolution of the images are given in the description. The fact that all the textures are tiled (seamless) allows you to repeat them in your project many times without losing the quality of the picture.

PBR Textures » Wood